17.5" Rotary Table

MODEL 17.5 is a heavy duty rotary table designed to take 41/2" drill pipe down to 12,000 ft. Features include high quality bearings on the pinion shaft as well as angular ball thrust bearings serving as the main and upthrust bearing. The spiral ring and pinion gears are heat treated and lapped. The pinion shaft also has an adjustable locking device. The 17.5 table can be furnished with 44" through 531/4" centers.

Rated Load Capacity
300 tons 0 RPM
Table Opening (API)
Table Diameter
44 7/8"
Master Bushing
API Taper
Pinion Shaft
Ratio Pinion to Rotary
Gear Pitch
1.620 diametrical pitch
Pinion Shaft Bearing
Tapered Roller
Main Table Bearing
Ball Thrust
Upthrust Bearing
Adjustable Ball Thrust
Oil Reservoir, Capacity
9 gals.
Positive Table Lock
Recommended Drilling Depth: 4 1/2" Drill Pipe
Overall Length, Min.
70 3/8"
Overall Width
47 1/4"
Overall Height
Centerline of Table to Centerline of Sprocket
API Centers 44" to 53 1/4" *
Net Weight, Approx.
7750 lbs.

* Or Any Length Specified


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