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Hacker International, LLC has provided its customers with quality products and services for more than 75 years. Our products and the services provided are time tested and proven. Value and quality are synonymous with Hacker products.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers with an excellent product, timely deliveries, and flexibility in meeting individual needs. We try to surpass competition with innovative techniques and respond to change through effective research and development.

In today's industry, volatility and uncertainty have become the norm. Why risk your hard earned dollars on unproven products? Dollar-for-dollar we are confident in saying you can't buy a better line of products.

Whatever your needs, whether big or small, no job is too difficult. Hacker has the right product for your company at the right price. Standard and customized items are within Hacker's scope of expertise.

We look forward to establishing and building a business relationship with your company and having the opportunity to demonstrate our products and our commitment to quality.

Give us a call, we guarantee you won't be disappointed.


Glenn Ellis, President

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