Hacker International’s Gage Inventory is vast and includes all the API Regular Gages from 2 3/8" to 8 5/8".

We also carry Mayhew, Failing, P.A.C., API Internal Flush, API Numbered, API Full Hole, Hughes, API Casing 8-Round, API 8-Round, API 10-Round Upset, API 6-Round, API Butress , H-90, Beco, Hacker, Go-NoGo, 8 UN Special, A.O.H., Rotary Table Shaft Gages, API Master Gages, A-Rod Special, N-Rod 3 Special, T.P.D. "Vermeer", and other miscellaneous shop gages.

Our collection of gages is a result of over 8 decades of servicing our customers around the world and in East Texas.

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