12" Rotary Table

Offering these special features:
  • MODEL B-1000 - has 10" table opening max, (9 1/2" std)
  • MODEL B-1525 -has 15 1/4" table opening, with master bushings removed, meets all API specifications.
Contact Hacker International, LLC for information pertaining to other size rotary tables available that are not shown in this catalog. Our Engineering Department will be more than glad to work with you in meeting your requirements.
MODEL B-1200 is a low, flat, all steel designed rotary engineered for easy mounting and rugged use. It has spiral bevel steel gears, machine cut and heat treated. The table has a full 12" opening with API taper and uses all standard slips. It is mounted on heavy-duty roller bearings. Pinion shaft has heavy-duty tapered bearings. All gears and bearings operate in oil bath with slush-proof double oil seal on table. Drilling capacity up to 3500' with 4 1/2" drill pipe. Skid mounted if desired. Readily replaces rotary on most water well rigs.

Table Diameter
32 1/2"
Table Opening (API)
12" max. (11 1/2" std)
Overall Height
8 1/2"
Overall Standard Length - (Longer lengths to customer's specs.)
Standard Gear Ratio
3.4 to 1
5 to 1
Pinion Shaft Bearing
Tapered Roller
Oil Reservoir Capacity
5 gals.
Net Weight, Approx.
975 lbs.
Spiral Bevel Gear - 28 1/2"
Center Distance or 44"
Center Distance

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